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Dr. Gallup

About Dr. Gallup

Dr. Robert S. Gallup has successfully provided health related, therapeutic, and educational services to people of all ages, infants to seniors. This experience has been achieved in clients’ homes, hospitals, clinics, schools, and a wide variety of community settings. He has been on the forefront integrating mainstream and non-mainstream approaches throughout his professional career. Being an early initiator in the application of Applied Nutrition, Stress Reduction, and Sensory Integrative Therapy to learning, and behavioral problems are examples. He has been a therapist in hospitals and clinics; and a teacher, administrator, supervisor and consultant in public and private schools in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Applied Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI)

Robert is currently a leader in the effort to apply the science of Psychoneuroimmunology to the pervasive problem of Chronic Pain. He brought the theory and application of PNI to the field of Occupational Therapy through presentations at state and local conferences, seminars, and in-services, as well as in his daily bedside and clinical practice. This application of PNI integrated with a backround in learning theory, strong teaching skills, and a humanistic and spiritually based practice has frequently brought special help to patients & clients with regular examples of extraordinary healing.



Learning from his Problems and Passion to Help Others

Dr. Gallup has successfully taken on the challenge of his own health and learning problems. Some were evident even as a young child. This success has meant taking personal responsibility for change. It has been achieved by a conscious and un-conscious search for knowledge and information that he could use in this journey. As a result of these needs he has become a person who is open to what truly works, which may be different than the most publicized protocols. Finding that chronic pain is from chronic inflammation which can be managed and overcome is a major example. Dr. Gallup has a profound passion to share /help others. He has and does lead a full and balanced life where chronic pain is in the backround rather than the foreground.

Robert received his Doctor of Education, with an emphasis in Educational Psychology. In addition to his private practice, he has worked as an Occupational Therapist (OT) in medical and school settings for the last sixteen years. His professional career has included working collaboratively with most of the other health and educational professions. He has successfully treated a very broad range of diagnoses and disabilities where chronic pain or fatigue is a primary symptom.

He brings this spirit, perspective, determination, openness, and knowledge to others who need and want to make the changes necessary to overcome chronic pain.